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About Dr. Mehrdad Favagehi


B.S. 1990 Baccalaureate of Science in Biology ( Biology )
D.D.S. 1994 Medical College of Virginia - Virginia Commonwealth University


Master of Science The Ohio State University ( Oral Biology )
Perio 1997 Specialty Certificate-Periodontics The Ohio State University

Academic Appointments :

Dr. M. Favagehi is a part-time Clinical Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Virginia, Dept. of Periodontics. Dr. Favagehi teaches pre-doctoral dental students and post-doctorate Residents.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics (1998-Present)

Medical College of Virginia of the Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Favagehi lectures and presents actual cases and original research in the following areas:
  • Wound healing - Stress delays oral wound healing: role of pro-inflammatory cytokines (such as IL-1) & different growth factors (TGF-beta, IGF, PDGF, BMP, etc.) in oral wound healing and how inflammation and wound healing is affected during stressful times, when the pituitary gland mediates the release of large doses of cortisol (Steroid hormone: anti-inflammatory). Dr. Favagehi conducted separate clinical trials in association with the institute of Behavioral Medicine at the Ohio State University. Presentation of Research published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine (May 1998), Master's thesis with the Ohio State University Graduate School (1997), Journal of Dentistry (1996), International Assoc. of Dental Research & American Assoc. of Dental Research (Orlando, Fl 1996).
  • Dental Implant surgery and maxillary sinus lift and bone grafting: Actual cases form 1996 to present, showing step by step techniques used in performing maxillary sinus lift and grafting. The presentations demonstrate numerous cases using the following techniques: modified Caldwel-luc , Somer's osteotome, chin & ramus block grafts, use of collagen and Gore-tex membranes, use of DFDBA and Bio-oss bone graft materials.
  • Periodontal case presentations: Actual documented cases Gingival grafting & Periodontal plastic surgery: Free gingival graft, sub-epithelial connective tissue graft, alloderm (freezed dry human dermis), periodontal osseous respective surgery, periodontal bone grafting and regeneration using Guided Tissue Regeneration (Gore-Tex, Atrisorb, Emdogain, Capset, Biomend, Collagen membranes). Bone grafting using chin or ramus block, 8-12 week extraction socket woven bone, laminar bone, Demineralized Freezed Dried Bone Allograft (DFDBA), Perioglass, Bio-Oss, osseous coagulum. Implant surgery using the following implant systems: Noble Biocare (Branemark, and Steri-oss), Zimmer, Centerpulse : Calcitek (Sulzer) & Paragon, ITI Straumann, 3i, Lifecore, Sterngold, ASTRA, SDI, ACE (distraction osteogenesis) and BICON IMPLANTS. Cases involving frenulectomy, laser periodontal surgery, exposure of impacted teeth, gingivectomy, tuberosity reduction, tori removal, and biopsies are shown as well.

Professonal Affiliations :

Research :

Dr. Favagehi was appointed by the AO President to serve in the Research Submissions Committee of The Academy of Osseointegration in 2005 (3 year term). In 2007, he was appointed by the AAP President to serve in the American Academy of Periodontology Research Submissions Committee. He is a recipient of The Ohio State University Research Activity Award (Dept. of Oral Biology, 1997)

Mucosal wound healing is impaired by examination stress. Favagehi M, Marucha PT; Kiecolt-Glaser JK; Psychosomatic Medicine 1998 May-June;60(3):362-5


OBJECTIVE: Impairment of wound healing is a well-recognized sequeal of conditions that alter immune function, including diabetes, jaundice, and advanced age. There is also growing evidence that psychological stress has adverse consequences for immune function. This study addressed the effects of a commonplace stressor on wound healing. METHOD: Two punch biopsy wounds were placed on the hard palate of 11 dental students. The first wound was timed during summer vacation, whereas the second was placed on the contra lateral side 3 days before the first major examination of the term; thus, each student served as her or his own control. Two independent methods assessed healing (daily photographs and a foaming response to hydrogen peroxide). RESULTS: Students took an average of 3 days longer to completely heal the 3.5-mm wound during examinations, ie, 40% longer to heal a small, standardized wound. Production of interleukin 1beta (IL-1beta) messenger RNA (mRNA) declined by 68% during examinations, providing evidence of one possible immunological mechanism. These differences were quite reliable: No student healed as rapidly or produced as much IL-1beta mRNA during examinations as during vacation. CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that even something as transient, predictable, and relatively benign as examination stress can have significant consequences for wound healing.

Stress delays oral wound healing. Favagehi, M* ; Marucha PT; Daugherty C. Journal of Dental Research 1997 ( IADR Special issue )

* Presented at the annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, March 1997.

Effect of psychological stress on healing of standard sized wounds and the effect of stress on IL-1 m RNA expression in peripheral blood leukocytes. Favagehi M*

* Presented at the annual periodontics research symposium, The Ohio State University. Columbus, Ohio, April 1997.

Stress delays healing of gingival graft donor sites. Favagehi M*

* Presented at the annual Post-College Assembly. The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry,Columbus Marriott Hotel, Columbus, Ohio; February 1997

The effect of androstendiol (AED) on alveolar bone loss in rats. Favagehi M*

* Presented at the annual periodontics research symposium. The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio;May 1995.

Use of IL-1 as a marker for irreversible pulpitis. Favagehi M* , Hahn E

* Presented at the annual clinic day: Medical College of Virginia, School of Dentistry, Richmond, Virginia; 1994.

Use of sub-epithelial connective tissue as a barrier over immediate implants placed in a fresh extraction socket. Harandi K, Favagehi M, O'Neil J, Cipra D.

Presented at the annual Post-College Assembly, The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, Marriott Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, February 1995.

Stress delays oral wound healing. M Favagehi B.S., D.D.S., M.S.*

* Master of Science thesis: Graduate School, The Ohio State University Press 1997. Thesis examination committee members: P. Marucha, D.M.D., Ph.D.; K. Alley, D.D.S., Ph.D., J. Sheridan, Ph.D.

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