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Crown Lengthening

The top portion of the natural tooth, starting from the neck to the tip, is called crown. It is normally identified as that portion which remains exposed above the gumline in the oral cavity. In some cases, patients may have more gum tissues covering the crown of teeth, making the smile look less attractive. Such smiles are termed as gummy smiles. In other cases, where a tooth is broken out at the gum-line or is decayed under the gum line, more of the natural crown requires being exposed to restore the tooth. Crown lengthening is a procedure performed to reshape the gum tissues to expose more of tooth crown for cosmetic or restorative purposes. Our team performs a number of periodontal treatment procedures to improve the oral health of our patients. Our crown lengthening in Falls Church, VA has helped us restore good health and beautiful smile in many of our patients who visit us from different parts of the city and other nearby localities.

Crown Lengthening – When and Why?

There are many occasions when our periodontist may recommend the crown-lengthening procedure. In cases where patients are unhappy about their gummy smile, crown lengthening is done in order to expose more of natural teeth to improve the esthetics of the smile. Periodontist carefully reshapes the gum-line such that optimum portion of natural teeth is visible when the person smiles.

Tooth decay below the gumline near the supporting bone or a traumatic injury which causes the teeth to break at the gumline is complicated cases for restoration. The periodontist suggests crown lengthening in such cases to ensure that there is enough space to hold the filling.

In other restoration cases, there may not be enough portion of the natural tooth for proper placement of an artificial crown. Crown lengthening may be performed in such cases to provide proper support to dental cap and avoid periodontal infection in future.

Crown Lengthening – Treatment

The treatment is performed with the aid of the local numbing agent. The dentist uses different tools to make an incision and detach the soft tissues of the teeth. The gum line is reshaped according to the need. In cases where crown lengthening is performed to restore the natural tooth, the gum tissues attached to the nearby teeth too are reshaped in order to improve the esthetics. Some cases may require the periodontist to work towards reshaping the supporting bone structure as well. Once the crown lengthening process is complete, salt water and other disinfectants are used to wash the teeth and gums. The soft tissues are sutured back and the periodontist prescribes pain medicines that should be taken periodically after the surgery. Follow-up visits will be recommended by our dental professionals just to ensure that gums are healing and healthy.

Crown Lengthening (With Bur Tool)

Crown Lengthening (With Laser Tool)

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