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Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best alternatives to replace a missing tooth. Dental implant treatments are in practice from early 60’s and have turned out to be a huge success in recent times. The treatment has shown a success rate of 95%-98%. Dental Implants are one of the ideal options available to replace your missing teeth. They are made of titanium screws that are light weight, durable, biocompatible and fuses to the bone acting a man-made roots. Though other modes of treatment are still in practice like dentures and bridges, but dental implant has overshadowed the rest. Dr. Christopher, Dr. Favagehi, Dr. Traboulsi and Dr. John Armstrong have in-depth knowledge and experience in performing dental implants. Our implant dentist has all the required skill set and has performed several implants successfully over the years. Our practice is situated in the beautiful city of Falls Church, Virginia.

Why Dental Implants?

There are instances where one may lose their teeth either due to an injury, tooth decay or due to age advancement. When the teeth are lost whether single or multiple, it not only looks ugly but also makes chewing difficult. In order to overcome this problem, dental implants are the most suited treatment. When the implants are placed in the jawbone, it acts like natural teeth and assists in biting and chewing food.

What one can expect from the Dental Implant?

An individual opting for a dental implant treatment can make a huge difference to their overall lifestyle from the personal and professional point of view. Some of the major highlights of dental implant are listed below –

  • Dental implants are strong, stable, durable that lasts for several years.
  • They feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • Since implants do not take the support of adjoining teeth, it makes the teeth stay healthy and protected.
  • They help to overcome bone and tissue contours.
  • Your dental health will be improved to a large extent.
  • It gives a scope of a greater level of confidence and better quality of life.

Who are eligible for dental implants?

Any person who has single or several lost teeth are eligible for dental implant treatment. They are suitable for people belonging to all ages except growing children. Due to continued facial growth in children, the dental implant is not considered as tooth replacement. However, dental implant has few exceptions like –

  • Patients who have recently undergone radiation therapy for head and neck.
  • Patients who are on intravenous osteoporotic medications.
  • Patients who have uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Patients having cardiovascular problems.
  • Women who are in the last stage of pregnancy.

Treatment Process:

Performing a dental implant surgery is not a cup of tea for many periodontists. It requires careful examination and planning. Implant dentist who undertakes dental implant must have sufficient knowledge and skill to perform such complex dental procedure. Normally a dental implant placement requires one to two dental visits. However, your dentist will decide whether you require one stage or two stage treatment approach.

One Stage Procedure - During the one stage procedure, the implant will be placed in the planned site which will be further exposed to the oral cavity by means of healing cap. The gum tissues are sutured in and around the healing abutment. The main advantage of this mode of treatment is one need not undergo a second surgical procedure.

Two-Stage Procedure - This involves submerging the implants below the gum tissue. The implant is allowed to heal which takes about four to six months. This will be followed by a second surgery undertaken to expose the implant. This procedure is carried out when the implant is not stable and requires bone grafting.

After a healing period of four to six months, an impression post will be attached to the implant and an impression is taken. The impression taken will be sent to the dental lab for fabrication. Your dentist will try to match the color of the implant crown closely such it matches the adjacent natural tooth. Once the final crowns are ready, it is screwed and placed on cemented custom abutment.

Looking for a periodontist who perform dental implant in your city? Look no further!!!!. Visit our practice located at Falls Church, Virginia where our implant dentist is happy to serve you. Call us now at 703-237-3700 to make an appointment and find out how dental implant can change your world altogether.

Dental Implants

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