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Gum Surgery

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It is a surgical method designed to restore and regenerate normal function to lost and damaged gum structures which support the teeth. It includes gum tissue, ligament, and bone. When the gums are severely affected by bacteria, this cause’s cavity and tooth loss in long run. Gums turn swollen and may cause intense pain accompanied with bleeding. In such cases, your periodontist will opt for gum surgery. Our specialist will take complete care of your gums. The long-term goal of performing a gum surgery is to increase the life expectancy of the teeth. We are located at Falls Church, Virginia.

When the tissues in the gum become inflamed or diseased, periodontist refers this space as ‘pockets’. The objective of gum surgery is generally to eliminate pockets, regenerate attachment and to create normal periodontal functions and esthetics.

Types of Gum Surgery:

Our periodontist will proceed with a gum surgery based on the severity of the case may be. Types of gum surgery are:

  • Gingival Flap surgery: If your periodontist notices that your pockets are greater than 5 millimeters in depth, you will be advised for gingival flap surgery. Many patients who are diagnosed with moderate to severe periodontitis would undergo this procedure. The surgical procedure revolves where your periodontist will cut the gum tissue to separate it from the teeth. This will be followed by a thorough deep cleaning with an ultrasonic scaling devices as well as the use of other devices to remove excess tartar, plaque, and biofilm deposited underneath the pockets.

  • Gingivectomy: This mode of gum surgery is performed to remove excess gum tissue that may be overgrown on the teeth. This surgery is conducted in order to provide a better area to clean the teeth. Your periodontist will numb the area with a local anesthesia or a sedative. They will cut and remove the extra gum tissue in the mouth.

  • Gingivoplasty: This type of gum surgery is carried to reshape and maintain healthy gum tissues in and around the teeth to make them look better. Whenever the gums are pushed away from the tooth, patients may experience tooth recession. A gum grafting in undertaken wherein the tissues are removed from the root of the mouth. Further, they are stitched into place on both sides of the tooth that has recessed. This surgery is termed as Gingivoplasty.

Precautions To Be Taken:

  • One should educate themselves about the risk and benefits involved in gum surgery.
  • Patients often feel mild to moderate discomfort after post surgery. This is only temporary and last for a couple of days.
  • Patients who have undergone gum surgery are advised not to undertake any form of physical activities for few days to ensure that bleeding does not occur.
  • Patients may also experience some sort of tooth sensitivity when they come in contact with cold objects. This will reduce over a period of time.
  • After post surgery, your periodontist will inform how to clean the teeth and gum tissue. They will also suggest correct cleaning and brushing technique.

Contraindications of gum surgery:

It is important that patients undergoing gum surgery are in good general health. However, there are certain restrictions where patients cannot undergo gum surgery. Some of the contraindications are listed below:

  • Uncontrolled periodontal disease
  • Smoking and drinking make matters worse and delay healing following a gum surgery. Individuals who are heavy smokers abstain from gum surgery.
  • Patients who are highly diabetic, HIV patients and patients having cardiovascular problems are not eligible to undergo gum surgery.
  • Patients who are undergoing medication cannot opt for gum surgery.

If you want to know more about gum surgery, risks involved, benefits and alternatives, feel free to talk to our periodontist who is at your service. Our periodontist will explain and discuss the pros and cons of the treatment. Do call today and make an appointment.

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