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How Many Dentist Visits Do You Need Annually?

Annual dental visits should be an important part of your health regimen, but how many is enough? Should you see your dentist every six months or just once a year? Or should you just wait until you have a problem with your teeth? Well, that last question is definitely a strong, loud “NO!” As for the first two questions, the answer is that one size does not fit all. In other words, people whose risk for dental disease is low might not need to see their dentist more than once a year. This is assuming that they brush and floss regularly along with having good dietary and oral hygiene habits.

For years everyone knew that the best thing you could do for your oral health was to follow the same dental rules that applied to everyone else. You brushed and flossed after every meal and you saw your dentist twice a year. Once at your dentist’s, your teeth were examined, x-rayed and cleaned, and you were sent on your way to your next visit. Even though that was good as far as it went, today, with all the advances in overall health care, the system is being changed to one that is tailored to fit the needs of each person.

How Do I Know How Many Visits I Need?

The amount of annual visits you need depends on your oral health history among other things. It’s a known fact that some people are more prone than others to develop tooth and gum disease and even oral cancer. If you actively follow good dietary and oral health habits with no other genetic risk factors you may only need to see your dentist once a year or less. On the other hand, people who have a history of health risks might need to visit their dentist two or even more times a year.

What Risk Are Factors Considered High-Risk?

Some of the high-risk factors include diabetes, smoking, and past tooth decay. If you smoke or use chewing tobacco you are putting yourself at high risk for cancer, both oral and body. If you have bone loss around your teeth or if your gums bleed you should be seen by your dentist more than once a year.

The best way to prevent future dental problems is to schedule a visit to our dentist now to determine what risk factors you might have. We invite you to visit our website and see how we can help you with all your dental needs.

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